Primary 1 4.3.20

Primary 1 are in the middle of another busy week. This week we are learning the sound ‘ch’. We have thought of lots of words containing the sound blend and are making progress writing these with accuracy. In maths we are learning about position and movement. The children have enjoyed programming movement paths using beebot robots and watching them move. We have also been working on the positional language of up, down, forwards, backwards, left, right and between. The children enjoyed following instructions wearing blindfolds and listening for instructions in drawing exercises.

Our dinosaurs topic is coming to an end next week. This week we learnt about volcanoes and the impact of an eruption on the dinosaurs. We really enjoyed making our own volcano with baking soda, vinegar and soap and watching it erupt in the playground. Next week we are taking a trip to the National museum in Edinburgh. We are going to take part in a few seminars and will go to the T-Rex exhibition. Here is a link to the website for you to look through with your child:

Next week we also have planned an open afternoon for parents and carers to come into school to see what the children have been learning about dinosaurs. The classrooms will be open from 2.45-3.15 and the children will have a few examples of work they have done to show. We will be making invitations for this event on Friday so look out for them for more information.

Tomorrow is World Book Day. Each child is to bring in a book from home to read in class. Try to pick a book your child knows well so that they can talk about it to their peers.

A reminder that tomorrow afternoon and Friday morning are our shared start and finish. These sessions are opportunities for you to come to our classrooms to see an online resource we use in class- education city. Each session will be exactly the same so it is only suggested that you come once. Tomorrow you are invited to come between 2.50 and 3.20 and on Friday between 9 and 9.30.

A reminder PE is on a Thursday so please come prepared with a named PE kit.

Outdoor learning is on Wednesday afternoons. Thank you to everyone who comes prepared with wellies and warm coats. The children love this session!

Thank you for all your continued support

The P1 teachers

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