Primary 7 05.03.20

Today is world book day and we have all brought in our favourite books and when a bell sounds at different times of the day we all stop what we are doing and read our books .In literacy circles we have all finished are books and we have started writing book reviews. We have really enjoyed reading our books and some of us are now reading a different one!

In topic this week we have written a diary to recall what we as WWII characters would have been doing during the war to help out.

We enjoyed exploring Education City. We played lots of different games and a really fun game wear you pick a snail and race against people in school and in class. To win you need to get the most points by answering maths questions as quickly as possible. It is so much fun!

Our show is still coming along brilliantly and for the first time we had the stage up and we used Props! Yes, you heard correctly, props have been added during rehearsal! It is an amazing show and it is on the 2nd of  April – we hope you are coming!

In numeracy Mrs Macaulay’s group started learning about negative numbers – we were looking at reading scales and answering lots of tricky word problems! We learned about overdrafts and we learn more about money as we continue. Mrs Wylie’s numeracy class have been converting between top heavy and mixed fractions.

Your blog today was written by Kira & Ruiri


PE kits – Monday and Tuesday

My Life So Far – 1st draft due 13th March

WWII homework – due 24th March

School show – costumes / continue to learn lines and song words


Thank you for your continued support,

Mrs Macaulay, Mrs Wylie & Mrs Muir

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