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P7 Titanic Homework

Both Mr Sandison and myself have been blown away by all of the efforts the primary seven classes have put into the Titanic homework tasks they were given this term.  We have seen everything from models, fact sheets, cooked meals, menus, boarding passes, diary entries, clothes designs and lots more!  A big well done to all of the pupils in P7 and a thank you to all of the parents/carers for their efforts and collaboration with this too.



Baldy Bane Theatre Company Performance

Primary six and seven enjoyed a performance called ‘The Journey’  by the Baldy Bane Theatre company this morning.  The performance was ‘forum theatre’ which meant that the pupils were able to particiapte throughout the play and were invited to make certain decisions to determine the outcome of the scenes.  The key messages of the play were all about road safety.  The pupils shared a lot of great knowledge to ensure a safe outcome for all of the characters in the play.

P7 Screenplay

P7 went to Mareel to take part in the Screenplay Festival.  They watched a powerful film called ‘Step’ which followed the trials and tribulations of a group of Baltimore High School students throughout the academic year.  Being part of a Step Dance Club had a positive impact in all areas of their lives.  Following the film we took part in our own Step Dance workshop.