A wild week in P2/1

We’ve made a good start with our Wild Challenge in P1 and P2/1. We’re regularly spotting chaffinches, great tits and blackbirds among many others on our bird table and in the playground.

On Tuesday afternoon we learned about what birds and other animals need – Shelter, Water, Air and Food (SWAF). We talked about where the birds could find each of these things and then made our own fat balls and kebabs for the children to take home for the birds where they live. The children have said the birds are eating the kebabs but they’re not too sure about the fat balls!

We had great fun with the fat balls in particular – squidgy, slimy and absolutely disgusting were just some of the words used to the describe the texture!

Also this week in phonics we’ve learned the long ‘oo’ (as in pool) and short ‘oo’ (as in book). We worked together to create a plasticine zoo, sharing our ideas with our friends and listening to other’s suggestions to all make a different animal. We’ve also been doing lots of reading and practising our key words.

In numeracy we’re continuing with subtraction and linking subtraction and addition facts.

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