Chryston High School: Return to School Arrangements 15th March

Please click the link(s) below to access our cover letter and year group specific guide programme regarding return to school for young people from Monday 15th March.  The letter has been emailed to all parents/families this afternoon – please check.  Unfortunately, the guide/programme booklet documents are too large to email so they can be accessed by clicking relevant links below and they are also saved on your son/daughter’s relevant year group Microsoft teams.


We very much look forward to welcoming young people back to school again from Monday 15th March.


Parent Update Phased Return from 15th March

Final Phased Return S1 Guidance & Arrangements 10March 2021copy 2

Final Phased Return S2 Guidance & Arrangements102021

Phased Return S3 Guidance & Arrangements 9 March 2021 2

Phased Return S4 Guidance & Arrangements 9 March 2021 2


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