Visiting Our Primary School – Stepps Primary


Visit to Stepps Primary


We went to Stepps Primary School on Monday  10 November.  We had prepared a power point and talk all about high school.  We wanted to go to a primary school because we wanted to share our experience in high school so far. 

The first thing we had to do in preparation for our visit was ask the P.E department what clubs are on, what day they are on and what time they run from.  We then collected information about the food, teachers and just about the school in general.  We used this information in our presentation to the P7 pupils.  Next, we thought up of two tasks for them to do. Finally, we put all this information into a power point and decided who was going to say what.

The day of the visit arrived.  We met Mrs Mullen at the end of second period and drove to Stepps.  When we arrived, we were greeted by Mr McKeever who took us to the P7 class room. We gave them pens and paper for their task and then started our power point. The first thing we talked about was the clubs and the P7s seemed to be interested in how many different clubs there are. We then told them about how brilliant the school dinners are here at CHS.   They were drooling at how delicious it sounded. After that, we handed them out two tasks about their thoughts and worries about coming to High School.  We calmed their nerves and they were buzzing about coming up in August. Once they finished the tasks, they asked some questions which we answered.  They gave us a sheet of paper with some more questions on it which we answered and sent back.

We have enjoyed this experience and can’t wait to see them in August.

By Jaimee, Eve, Anna and Megan x

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  1. Mrs Nicolson says:

    Thank you, girls. I can assure you that all the Primary 7s in Stepps felt better after your visit. I was so proud to see you all leading the lesson: confident individuals indeed!
    Your hard work was appreciated by staff and pupils alike!

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