Head Of Kelvin With Mr Jopling

Our first big interview was with Mr Jopling and we asked him questions about being head of house.

1)  How long have you been the head of house?

“I have been the head of Kelvin for 8 years now.”

2)  How do you make sure everything is okay in your house?

“In every house there are 2 pupil support teachers.  In my house we have Mrs Harvey & Mrs Carragher.  If something happens, the pupil support teachers have to decide if how to deal with it. The pupil support teacher talks to the head of house to let him know what has happened and what they have done.  The head of house sometimes gives them advice.”

3)  What do you enjoy about being the head of Kelvin?

“ I like working with first years, working with the captains & winning the house cup. “

4)  How long have you been at Chryston High?

 “I have been in Chryston High for 21 years and Head Of Kelvin for 8 Years”. 

5)  If you weren’t head of house what would you be?

“ If I wasn’t head of house I would be an art teacher.  I have loved art all of my life.”


By Leah Gaughan & Alishba Irfan

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