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Dear Parents,

As your child’s prime educator you already provide lots of learning opportunities for your children’s education. During this time continue to engage your children in all the experiences you already provide at home. We have also compiled a bank of suggested activities to help your child access the school curriculum. We hope you find these helpful!

Numeracy Activities

  • Practise the 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 and 9 times tables
  • Write out prime numbers to 100.
  • Pick 5 numbers and write down the factors for each.
  • Draw out a fractions table to show different fractions of a whole.
  • Write a weekly shopping list and use online resources to calculate the cost of your shopping. Can you find the cheapest prices?
  • Write out as many percentages as you can as a fraction and a decimal e.g. 50% = ½ = 0.5
  • Think of your favourite meal. Can you work out how much it costs to buy all of the ingredients required for that meal? (Use or an adult for help finding the cost of each item).
  • Count up (and down) in 5’s, 10s, 3’s, 4,’s etc. and then 20s to 200.
  • Continue to work on your speed and accuracy for mental adding and subtracting – ask someone to call out numbers and time how quickly you can answer 10 in a row.

Numeracy Websites

Literacy Activities

Complete the following tasks using your reading for pleasure book.

Note: these can be repeated using different books.

  • Create a new character for your book, include a character description – what they look like, their personality etc.
  • Write a summary of your book in your own words.
  • Clarify at least 10 tricky words from your book. Note down their definitions.
  • Write a book review for you book – how would you sell this to others?
  • Create a new front cover and blurb for your book.
  • Write a new exciting ending. Remember to write in the same style as the author, include up-levelled VCOP and make sure it makes sense!
  • Answer the following questions in detail.
  • What would be a better title for this story? Why did you pick it?
  • How would the story change if you took out a key event in the story?
  • What character would you like to be friends with? Give detailed reasons.
  • Explain clearly how you are similar or different from the main character?
  • What questions would you like to ask the author?

Literacy Websites

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