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Monday the 1st of June

Hello everybody,

I hope you enjoyed the lovely weather over the weekend. The Transition team enjoyed the weather in their gardens and there were a few BBQs. If we had been at school we would have taken part in Sports Day this week. Keep your eyes peeled for a whole school sports day video on the blog this week.

Below is the link to this week’s home learning if you would like some ideas for activities.

Home learning 1st June

Stay healthy and be kind to each other.

Mr Nicoll

Weekly Home Learning (7)

Sports Week!

Hi everyone,

In honour of Sports Day, I thought it would be fun to have a sport themed week of home learning!  Here are some suggestions of some fun activities…

Starter Activity: Online Game


  1. Story time! This is a story all about a very famous basketball player called LeBron James and his love for Basketball.  The story is an uplifting tale of how we can overcome anything if we just put our mind to it.
  2. Can you find items around the house starting with all the letters in the word ‘SPORT’? For example, see how many items you can find that begin with the letter ‘S’, how many items can you find that begin with the letter ‘P’ and so on.  Can you put all your items in the correct order to spell out ‘sport’?
  3. Develop your fine motor skills by creating a ball-shaped lacing activity. Simply draw the shape and pattern of a sports ball and use a sharp pencil (use blue tack/a rubber/dough underneath to protect fingers and tables) to poke some holes.  Use a lace from a shoe to thread in and out the holes.



  1. Take part in a sports themed scavenger hunt!  Kindly ask an adult to find as many sports related items as possible can and hide them around the house. E.g. Trainers, sports tops, laces, balls, trophies/medals, football scarves, shorts, sweat bands, skittles… etc.   count how many items you managed to find within a given time!  In class we were working on matching numbers to items we have counted.  Why not, with some help, write out the numbers 1 – 10 on ten bits of paper and match up the items to the correct number?  g. if you found three pairs of shorts, match and sit the shorts next to the number 3.
  2. Remember to think about ordinal numbers throughout this week. Every time you play a game, have a think and talk about who or what came first, second and third!  This helps us to develop our understanding of numbers, their order and their value.


Art and Design: Sustainable Development   

Your design challenge Is to design and create either an up-cycled medal or up-cycled trophy using only old or recycled household items.  Below is an example of what could be made using toilet roll tubes or plastic cups, ribbon or material, colouring pens or paint and card or cardboard.

 Science:  Family Blow Race   

For this activity you will need; drinking straws, make-shift start and finishing lines and a variety of small ball shapes made from household items. E.g. tinfoil, paper, play dough, cotton balls, crafts pompoms, small balloon.

The aim is to predict which ball will reach the finish line first or in the quickest time by blowing it from the start line to the finish line using the straw!  Make your hypothesis, complete the test and observe your results – which one made it across in the quickest time?  Who make the correct prediction?

Had fun with that?  Try this!



To finish off your week , why not test you knowledge by taking this fun quiz with your family 😊 

Remember to keep an eye on the school app and this blog for details about our virtual sports day video!

As always, have fun and don’t stress about doing these activities.  They are only suggestions.  I will be in contact with you all over the next couple of days to check-in.  Take care! ♥

Assembly, Sports Day and Australia.

This week has been a busy one again. We have continued with our Australian theme and made play dough echidnas and yummy ruffle biscuits – the parental feedback was extremely good!!

Tuesday afternoon we had a great time at Sports and the sun shone brightly.

We were confident individuals on Wednesday morning leading the Secondary Assembly – we told our story “There was an old lady that swallowed a mozzie!” Signed the actions and make the noises of all the animals in the story, then we all played a game.



FAOL – whole school/citizenship

The Sunflowers did amazingly well as Sports Day yesterday. I am so proud of them they were confident individuals and very independent in their races. All the boys helped to create our resources for the spectacular French novelty race. We made onion garlands and our sensory flag to hold up at the opening ceremony. The boys listened to instructions and walked around the playground showing our flag and then sat well between races. They all race their flat race, completed their French novelty race and we won the relay race which most of the boys were able to complete independently. Well done boys!!!