Orange Class – Monday 25th May

Good morning to everyone in the Orange class.  I hope you had a good weekend.

Let’s get going with our Morning Circle



Don’t forget Lorna’s sign of the day!

On Mondays we have P.E.  with PedroToday it’s Yoga so let’s get started.

Hi everyone,

Hope you had a good weekend are ready for a new week.

Today we’re going to have a beach adventure, who doesn’t like a day in the beach? We are going to follow Moana to her fantastic island for our yoga lesson today.

Remember to take in consideration your surroundings keep safe and have fun, also remember that with family is also more fun.

Just follow the link below and enjoy.  Pedro.


How about some Maths?  Today we are learning about measuring!


Thanks to Clare.

Now story time!  Today a story without words…. One of my all time favourites!

I hope you liked it.


Time for some movement?  Let’s have a quick Dance and Freeze – an Orange Class favourite!


Lets get outside for some sensory fun.

Did you like that?

Finally time to relax.  A beautiful game first released on the PlayStation 3 and now on the PS4.

Have a great Monday!


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