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Gold Class Monday 4th May

Morning Gold class, today is a holiday and tomorrow is an INSET so no timetable but below are a couple of quizzes for you to try. Have fun. Click the picture to make bigger.

Click the link below for the answers:


Next, how well do you know your favourite cartoons? Try this quiz.


Good luck and pop back tomorrow for a couple of new challenges.

Have a good day

Pink Class – 4th/5th of May

Good morning Pink Class. I hope you have had a lovely weekend in the sun!

May The4th May The Fourth GIF - MayThe4th MayTheFourth May4th GIFs Today is the 4th of May!

Today is a holiday and tomorrow is an INSET day so instead of following the timetable the sway below has some fun challenges for you and your family.

Have fun! Back to timetable on Wednesday!



Hello red class – Tuesday 5th of May

Good morning,

The team from your class have a wee surprise,


Did you like that?

you could try and make some gloop then have fun in the garden!

Slime - Mud Mates Messy Play Blog - cornflour gloop recipe




1. Mix 2 cups of cornstarch to 1 cup of water into a bowl. Mix the cornstarch and water until your oobleck is formed

2. If you find the mixture is a little too watery and not forming into a solid when you pull the gloop out of your bowl then add more cornstarch. If you find the mixture is not dripping like a liquid, add a little more water. Just keep experimenting until you get the consistency you want.

It does get a bit messy so you might want to play outside!