Group 11 – Thursday 07 May

Good morning Group 11

I was looking at some of our memories at the weekend.  This was a fun day.  Lots of dancing.

You could be working on your transition passport today


You can access lots of Twinkl resources here: You will need to register with the following code PARENTSTWINKLHELPS

You could try some of the following today:

Movement: put your favourite song on and dance like no one is watching.  Choose a party song

Life Skills:  Make the beds

Maths: See Steve’s blog or use

Fiddly Fingers:   Use lego or playdough

Story: Read your favourite book or one from here

Signing: check Lorna’s sign of the day video.

Music:  See Connie or Gordon’s blog or have a karaoke


Dance:  See Rachel’s blog or dance to your favourite tunes.


Have a lovely day, Kirsty

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