Fancy Dress Competition

Good afternoon everyone!

Group 11 thought that we would brighten up our day today.  We had a strict dress code for our team meeting and all adhered to it beautifully.

 We’d love to see you guys (and your families) in fancy dress.  It will be a competition so please email me your entries and we will choose a winner.

The prize may just be bragging rights but it will cheer us all up.  I will collate the entries and put them on the blog.

Closing date: Friday 15 May

Have fun!

Group 11

3 thoughts on “Fancy Dress Competition

    1. Kirsty Reid Post author

      I am good. How are you? It is absolutely for us all. We had lots of fun yesterday. I hope you have fun too.

  1. Mrs Reay

    Brilliant, my family and I will see what we can do. I was hoping that there would be another competition!


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