Group 4 – Tuesday 28th April

Hello everyone,

Today we are going to start with our Morning routine.

Circle Time

Life Skills

Why not help mum or dad to make breakfast or lunch today?


Have a look in the ICT section to see what Steve has put up for you.


Check out in the dance section for what Rachel have in store for you today.


Discover what can happen when one boy gives a little bit of attention to a sad and dying garden in ‘The Curious Garden’ by Peter Brown

  1. What did Liam find up to the old broken down railroad?
  2. What did he decide to do?
  3. How do you think the people in the city felt about the garden?
  4. Do you have a garden?
  5. How do you take care of your garden?


Try our LEGO Challenge Tuesday.

Build a rainbow

Sign of the Day

Click on Lorna’s sign of the day video.

Fiddly fingers

If the weather is good, go to your garden and choose one of these activities below to do:

  1. Lift dirt with a small shovel
  2. Plant seeds or bulbs
  3. Pull weeds


Check out in the gardening section and watch Scott’s video to find more ideas about how to take care of your mung bean.


Enjoy and relax today.

Have a nice day.



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