Easter challenges for the Purple Class

I am in the Hub again tomorrow so sending this early to you

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It is Friday so it will be assembly – if not then please go to Connie’s Easter Singalong as we would have been at the church service.

Over the Easter I would like you to make me a Spring garden – some of you might remember we did this in class last year – my old class made an edible one! If you could take a picture that would be great ­čÖé

Year 2 Easter Gardens | Manby Lodge

PEEPS® Easter Garden Cake Recipe - BettyCrocker.com

Can you complete one of your Reflection sheets? what have you enjoyed over the last two weeks? what haven’t you enjoyed? have you managed to help more at home?

Another Easter challengeICT/Technology can you go a whole morning without technology….can you go a whole day without technology? You might need to plan a very different day but have a go! I am going to try this out!

Easter challengefood technology – can you enter the cake competition that Laura sent you the details of? we just need a photo – maybe you could photograph each stage so someone else could make the cake after you and we can add it into our recipe book? Have a look on the right hand side of the blog for our recipes (you had a copy in your packs).

Another Easter challenge – dance – can you teach someone in your family one of the Just Dance routines? I did the Ghostbuster one TWICE today as was in two different classrooms…

Sign of the day – go back and see if you can remember them – maybe test one of the family!

Easter challenge – Story┬áCan you record yourself reading a favourite story ! could you add props or sensory experiences like we have in class?

Easter challenge – egg hunt check out my blog entry that I set for Group 1,2,4,5 – can you manage it?


and finally…Science –┬áhave you seen yeast make the dough rise? could you make your own bread? I know ingredients have been not easy to find but if you can I would love to see how you have made your own bread – it’s great to try new ways of making it – try soda bread if can and curdle your milk with vinegar!


Maybe you could make hot cross buns! that was what we were going to make in class over the three weeks before Easter and try different recipes – my favourite is the one with cherries in



Take care, keep safe and I look forward to hearing about how you are getting on with all my Easter challenges


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