Wednesday 1st of April – Pink Class

Good morning,

A brand new month starts today.

Calendar – 

Do you have a calendar in your house? Explore the calendar. What do you see? Do you see the days of the week? Do you see the months of the year? Today is the first day of April. Can you find April on the calendar?

Movement – 

Check out the movement section or join in with ‘Shake your sillies out’

Life Skills –

I have washing to do today. Can you help sort the washing out?

Literacy – 

Sound work

If you don’t have magnetic or wooden letters you can write these sounds out on pieces of paper. Say the sounds. What words can you make?

Make these words – it, on, am, mum, dad, dog, cat, mat, pig, hen, mud – read them to a family member.

s a t p i n
m d g o c k
ck e u r h b
f ff  l ll ss


P.E. – 

See the P.E. section for some good ideas from Gerry and Pedro.

Story –

Today’s story is inspired by a little creature I spotted in my garden yesterday. What do you think I spotted?

Signs of the Day –

What signs will you learn from Lorna today? I learned the signs for colours yesterday.

Art –

David has posted a good idea about Picasso yesterday – check out the art page to have some fun or have a go at the colour wheel I posted yesterday.

Science – 

I found an interesting little creature in my garden today. I’ll post the pictures when I can. It was a caterpillar!

Let’s learn about it’s life cycle. What does a caterpillar grow/turn into?


What a busy day. Let’s take a breathe for a minute.

Challenge of the Day – 

Build the best living room fort.

Have fun Pink Class!

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