Group 8 Tasks

Good morning group 8

Here are some tasks you can enjoy today

Why not start by looking around the house for lots of different objects, you can then sort them into different colours. Count them and decide which is the highest number.

Next after all that hard work, relax and sing along to Gigglebellies. Click on the picture below.

It is now time for a snack. I think you have earned it.

Here is a challenge for you. Can you find lots of things that feel different. You can then lay them on the floor to create your very own tactile road.

Make sure to look out the window and check on the weather.

After some lunch it is time to help out around the house. There might be some jobs in the kitchen to do.

Lets finish the day with a spot of gardening. There might be a job you can do like some tidying up or digging up some weeds.

Lets end the day with a song

Have a great day everyone.



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