1st April PE Lesson

Hello everyone,

For today’s PE we’re going to have a couple of challenges.  First why not going for a walk? Walking is a great exercise for your body and mind and it’s not every day we have this good weather in Scotland. To make it more interesting we can agree some challenges with our family like, count the trees we see, count the birds, look for bears and rainbow in windows, we can even make it a competition who can see more birds, trees, red objects etc. Just remember you should always walk close to home (no driving) and keep social distance.

Another great idea would be to Join Vicky community group page we’re going on a bear hunt, just follow the link:


When you come back why not try to exercise on a chair/wheel chair we have some friends that have to do a lot of things on a wheel chair, I wonder how it feels, could you do it?

Follow the link below to a web page with some chair exercises and see which ones you could do, if some are to difficult don’t worry just do the ones you can.

Have fun and see you after the holidays.


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