Group 10 – Tuesday 31st March

Good morning. Did you all sleep well?

Another busy day –

Morning routine – you have the routine symbols from yesterday and the calendar etc. are in your learning pack. What day is it today?

ICT – Check out what Kirsty has in the ICT section. There’s lots of activities for you to do.

Dance – Rachel’s keeping everyone moving, choose the dance you’d like to do.

Story – Our weekly story was posted yesterday and the activities are in our ‘Challenges for Group 10’.

Fiddly fingers – Try helping in the kitchen by chopping some fruits or vegetables.

Fresh Fruit Platter — Wolfits

Gardening – You can look at all the activities in our gardening section that Scott has posted or go out into your garden and hunt for beasts!


Health and Wellbeing – This weeks activities are in ‘Challenges for Group 10’. You can also find a quiet corner and chill  and listen to music.


Have a great day!

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