Group 5 Morning Circle – Friday 27th March

Hello everybody,

Today I feel like Mr Lazy. I am glad it is Friday and that we can all have a rest this weekend.

Which Mr Man or Little Miss are you?

Today’s weather is really misty. When I look out of my window I can’t see very far at all. What is the weather like outside your window?

This is the weather from my window

Today’s timetable suggestions are PSD, literacy and social studies, break, story, sign of the day and food technology, lunch and then ICT and music.

For PSD today why don’t you watch the Mr Men video to get some inspiration for some movement activities.

I will post today’s story later this morning. There is still time to send me a reply with your choice:


Twinkles, Arthur and Puss

For food technology you could help make something for lunch. Yesterday Maureen turned her carrots

Lots and lots of carrot!

Into carrot soup! Perhaps I will try that today.

Maureen’s carrot soup. It looks delicious!

After lunch why not try some of the ICT and Music activities already on the blog.

I will be back soon with the answer to yesterday’s photo challenge and a new photo for you to guess.

Have a good start to your day, Sarah


4 thoughts on “Group 5 Morning Circle – Friday 27th March

  1. Mrs McGeown

    Good morning everyone,

    Today i feel like i am Miss Tidy “Little Miss Tidy loves to keep things neat and clean.” Its Friday so its cleaning day.



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