Friday 27th of September – Pink Class

Good morning Pink Class!

It’s Friday!  Friday dance time!

Assembly –

Friday is assembly day and Tracey has posted today’s assembly under Primary Assembly. Enjoy!

Easter Singalong –

Connie has posted an Easter singalong. Some of our favourite spring and Easter songs can be found here. Can you teach someone in your family the songs, movement and signs?

Calendar –

Let’s have fun with the months today. Someone in your family will know ‘the Macarena’. Learn the moves while ordering the months of the year.

Movement –

see Movement section for some great ideas

Life Skills –

Have a look at your room, can you tidy it?

Literacy –

Look through a book, can you find any words with more than 5 letters?

Social Studies –

Draw a picture of your house


Story –

Here is a story about a very different house. Can you describe the house to someone in your family? How is the inside different to the outside? Talk about the characters in the story. If you had a Gingerbread house what would it be made of? Yummy!

Sign of the Day –

Learn some signs with Lorna.

Food Technology –

Make some yummy Easter Egg Nest cakes. Click on link below for the recipe.


ICT/Technology –

Have some fun with string! Make a Cat’s Cradle. I used to do this when I was a wee girl. Click on link below for some ideas.


Music – 

Easter singalong or click on Music section for some more ideas.

Challenge of the Day –

Find 5 squares around your house.

Clock icon in square design    cookie isolated on white

Have a good day Pink Class and I’ll be back in touch in 3 days….. what day will that be?


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