Group 5 Fiddly Fingers Thursday 26th March

Hi Everyone,

For Fiddly Fingers today can you find out how many things you can get into an egg cup? If you don’t have an egg cup, don’t worry just choose another small container.

My egg cup

I gave it a go.

How many things can you get into an egg cup.

I managed to get 21 things into my egg cup. This is what I managed to squeeze in ….

What I managed to fit into my egg cup.

How many things can you fit in? Let me know how many things you could squeeze into your egg cup or container by replying to this post.

Leah has beaten me in the challenge, She managed to squeeze 23 things into her cup. Can you do better?

Leah’s cup of things

The 23 things that Leah squeezed into her cup!

If you can do better, e-mail me a photo and I will post it up!

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