Circle Time – Group 5 Thursday 26th March

Hello everyone,

Today I am feeling like Little Miss Neat. I think I am going to do some tidying and cleaning today.

Image result for little miss neat

Which Mr Man or Little Miss are you today? Remember to ask other people in your house how they are feeling too.

Image result for little miss sleepy

The weather here is cloudy again and I think it might rain a bit.

Your suggested timetable for the day is PSD, Maths, Fiddly Fingers, break, story, sign of the day and music, lunch and then dance and sensory time.

For PSD time why not make a list of jobs that you could help with round the house. Here are some suggestions:

How will you help around the house today?

Or perhaps you could help with the cooking. Maureen made some lovely looking scones:

Maureen made carrot and corriander scones. What flavour scones could you make?

Or you could have a go at this challenge. This is a photo of something in my house. I have made it a bit blurry but can you guess what it is? Let me know your ideas by replying to this post.

Can you guess what this is a picture of?

Have a good morning. I will be back later with the story of the day. Remember to let me know if you would like to hear Mog’s Bad Thing or Hairy Macclary’s Rumpus at the Vets.

See you soon, Sarah





3 thoughts on “Circle Time – Group 5 Thursday 26th March

  1. Mrs McGeown

    Hi everyone, today I think I’m going to be Mr Messy. I will be doing some cooking so I know my kitchen will be in a mess when I have finished. Have a great day. Maureen

    1. Mrs Reay Post author

      Yep. I have been cooking, and my kitchen is already a mess. I am just about to post some pictures of what I made. I wonder if you can guess what it was?


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