Tuesday for the red class

Have you remembered to sing the song for the weather after watching Lorna’s sign of the day?

here’s a reminder of what our now song is


You already know what our favourite dance song is, encourage your Mum and Dad to join in as well!


I haven’t forgotten to post the link for your favourite story, enjoy!



Will you be playing in the garden this afternoon?  There are still some leaves on the lawn, why not help Mum or Dad and put them in the compost bin?  What colour are the leaves?  In my garden, they are yellow and brown.  I also found a small feather on the decking!  Look at that!

getting ready to go out

When you put your jacket on, remember to tell Mum or Dad that you can try on your own first.  You are good at pulling the tab of the zip up, show Mum or Dad how good you are!  When you get back inside, remember to put your jacket away, don’t drop it on the floor.  You can do this very well in class.

Remember to have fun and ask Mum or Dad to take photos or video clips as I would love to see how you are getting on.  Email them to me.

Have fun today, wrap up warm when you got in the garden and stay safe.




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