Primary 2 13.2.19

Primary 2 would like to say a huge thank you to all the parents/careers who came along to our soft start and finish. It was lovely to see you all and hopefully it gave you an insight into our number talks.

It was internet safety day on 5th February. The children were learning how to stay safe when using devices that connect to the internet. The children were talking about what to do if something pops up on their screen and we also spent quite a bit of time discussing the importance of not sharing personal information online. We had some super discussions!

In reading the children have been learning about visualisation and why it is important for the reader to be able to visualise characters and setting when there is no picture available. All the children heard a story about Mr Gum and they all managed to draw him and his house after hearing a short piece of text.

In maths we were working on missing subtrahends. The children were using their subtraction skills to find the missing numbers. Some children managed to get onto the challenge questions where there were a mixture of missing subtrahend and minuend questions.

We finished the week learning about rhythm in music with Mr Shanks and our french colours in class!

Please remember P.E kits and water bottles.

Homework for this week and next week will just be their reading. We will issue new homework tasks on Monday 25th February.

Miss Rafferty & Mrs Muir

Primary 2 6.2.19

It was lovely to meet some of the parents at the “shared finish” yesterday. The children really enjoyed sharing their learning with you all. We still have our “shared start” on Thursday if you wish to come along and see what we have been doing in Number Talks.

In topic we have been learning more about some of the Arctic Animals and how they adapt to their environment. The children have made penguins, polar bears and are going to be making arctic foxes. We have managed to put a few on our wall display in the corridor. We have also looked at a polar food chain. The children have been learning about the words prey and predators. They worked in small groups to create food chain mobiles which are now hanging in our classroom.

In reading this week we have been learning about visualisation. The children listened to a story with no pictures and they had to imagine/visualise what the character looked like. They all managed to draw the character very well and some even managed to draw the character’s house from the story.

In maths the children have been working out the missing minuend and subtrahend. They have been using addition, subtraction, counting on and back strategies to solve these problems.

Homework is due in tomorrow. The children will share their activities with a friend in class.

P.E reminders P2R (Tuesday, Wednesday)

P2M (Wednesday, Thursday)

Primary 6 are selling Red Noses for Comic Relief at the cost of £1.25


Miss Rafferty and Mrs Muir