Primary 1 24.06.20

Hello everybody,

We hope you are well and are enjoying the last week of school before the summer holidays. Are you having fun with the virtual Disney trip activities on this week’s grids? What is your favourite activity that you have done so far?

Our focus for today’s blog is our Rights Respecting Schools Award. We are exploring Article 30. This article is all about minority or indigenous groups, culture, language and religion. In other words, every child has the right to learn and use the language, customs and religion of their family no matter where they live. Have a little look at the activities below and you could try to complete one of them over the next few days.

  • Can you find out how to say ‘Hello, how are you?’ in 3 different languages.
  • Do you know any traditional dances? Research these safely online with an adult and practise the steps.
  • Find 10 characters from your favourite books. Do they come from a range of cultures or are they all just like you?
  • Culture means traditions that groups follow like food, dances, song and clothes. Draw or write about what is important in your culture. Then think of someone who comes from a different culture and share safely with them what is important about culture for each of you.
  • Watch ‘If the World were a Village of 100 People’ to find out about people around the world.
  • Keep a food and drink diary for the week. What cultures do your food and drink come from? Which are your favourites?

If you have any questions please feel free to get in touch. Thank you for everything you are doing at home. Have a wonderful Wednesday!

Miss Cunningham, Miss Daun and Miss Christy

Primary 1 16.6.20

Hello Primary 1.
How are you all? Are you keeping safe and healthy? Remember that this week is our sports day at home. We hope that you are managing to complete lots of the fun activities and are logging your efforts on the spreadsheet. I wonder which house will win?

This week we will be considering Article 2 for our Rights Respecting Schools Award. This article is all about discrimination. That is a big word which means that people are treated differently because of the way they look, speak, act or because of the place they live. That doesn’t seem fair, does it? We need to treat everyone kindly, the way that we would like to be treated. Have a little look at the slide below and try to complete one of these activities over the next few days.

There is a video linked on the slide. It tells the story of a flamingo who didn’t want to be pink anymore. By the end of the story she has learnt that everyone is beautiful in their own way and that we should celebrate our differences.

Thank you to everyone who is continuing to stay in contact with us through the Learning Journal, we love seeing all the fun things you are getting up to! If you have any questions about the activities or about your child’s learning then please get in touch, we are more than happy to help in whatever way we can.
Have a lovely day.
Miss Christy, Miss Daun and Miss Cunningham

Primary 1 3.6.20

Good morning Primary 1! Happy Wednesday.

We hope that you are all keeping safe and well and that you are enjoying completing the work set as well as having some time to play.
Are you managing to get outside for some exercise each day? If you get a chance we would love it if you could continue to log your exercise through this website:

Today we would like you to have a look at the next Article from the Rights Respecting Schools Award. Thank you to everyone who has completed these tasks so far and posted photos of their work on the Learning Journals. We are using these photos as evidence which we will put towards our re-accreditation attempt later in the year.
This week’s article is number 19: protection from violence, abuse and neglect. At the Primary 1 level we will be focusing on people who protect us and keep us safe in our everyday life. Why don’t you watch and sing the ‘Bounceback’ song to start thinking about ways to cope when things go wrong and about people who help us.

You are welcome to do any of the activities in the slide below, however, here are 2 that I think the Primary 1s would enjoy:
1. Can you create a poster showing some of the rules put in place to keep you safe? Your poster could display rules to stay safe in the garden, in the classroom, at the swimming pool, in a car etc. Choose 1 place and draw or write 3 or 4 rules that you try to keep.
2. There are many people all around us whose job is to keep you safe. Draw or write a list of some of these people in your jotter and talk to an adult about some of the things these people do to keep you safe.

We hope that you are getting on well with all the activities posted in the learning grids on Monday. If you have any questions about the activities or about your child’s learning then please get in touch.
Have a lovely day.
Miss Christy, Miss Daun and Miss Cunningham

Primary 1 7.5.20

Good Morning Primary 1s!
We hope that you are all well! What a beautiful day we had yesterday, we hope that you managed to get outside and have some fun. The teachers all loved getting outside after work yesterday, Miss Christy went for a long cycle in the countryside, Miss Daun went for a run once it had cooled down a bit and Miss Cunningham went for a lovely walk.
Yesterday, we posted some new learning grids for you to work through. Try to do at least 3 of these activities today at some point and remember to post photos of your super work on the Learning Journals. It is so lovely seeing your work every day!
Before we moved to online learning we had started our ‘Fairyland’ topic. As always, we have created a SWAY to show this learning and we have added in a few photos from your work at home too! The link to the SWAY will be posted in your Learning Journal later this morning. Have a look to see if you can spot yourself in any of the photos!

The Rights Respecting School Article of the week is Article 7, the right to a name and nationality. Why don’t you have a discussion about why you chose the name for your child and maybe other names you had been considering? Talk about nationalities, about the country you come from and how you identify with that nation. The slide below gives some ideas of other activities you might want to try…

I particularly like the ‘identity hand’ task. Draw around your hand and write your name, date of birth, home country and 2 adults who help you on the fingers, then draw the flag of where you call home on the palm. We would love to see some of your hand prints on the Learning Journals.
The video link is

It takes you to a story called ‘The name jar’. This is a story about a Korean girl who is learning about her name and identity as she moves to a new country. After watching the video talk about

– Why does the girl want to change her name?
– How do you think she feels when people make fun of her name?
– What would you do if you saw someone making fun of someone else’s name?
– What name does she end up with?

Remember, the activities we post daily on the blog are optional extras, please feel no pressure to complete them!
We hope that you have a lovely day!

The Primary 1 teachers

Primary 3 27 4 20

Good morning Primary 3, we hope you had a fantastic weekend and made the most of the beautiful weather as much as possible. It has been lovely to see some wee baby lambs in fields round about and it’s the perfect weather for the new life that Spring brings! Today, if you can, if you are doing the Joe Wicks, or any kind of PE today, try doing it out in your garden and make the most of the lovely weather!

Now that there are some beautiful blooms and flowers coming through, why not use your creative sides to draw or paint your favourite flower or a range of flowers and send us your artwork so we can share your amazing work.

Remember to make use of the learning grids that were posted last week on the blog for activities for the start of this term and there are lots of activities on Education City for you to work through as well.

For your reading today, please make sure to read the second half of your reading books, there will be activities to go along with your books throughout the week.

This week we have a new Rights Respecting Schools Article to focus on. Article 12, the right to have your views respected. Try a couple of the activities below and use the #RRSA, post it on twitter, or Rights Respecting Schools on Facebook.

Have a go at this problem solving the answer will be posted in tomorrow’s blog.

And your Number Talks for today:

5 x 5                                                       2 x 25

5 x 10                                                     4 x 25

5 x 20                                                     8 x 25

5 x 19                                                     10 x 25

16 x 25

Challenge Sum

64 x 285

Spelling for this week with link to the pdf or screenshot of words in case you have no access to pdf files:

Spelling Words Week Beginning Monday 27th April

Thank you for your continued hard work and support,

Miss Smith and Mr Woodward

Primary 3 Friday 24th April 2020

How are you all Primary 3? Still keeping safe and well I hope! Happy Friday!

Every Friday, we will upload a challenge for our new technology topic (chosen by you). This will involve a tiny bit of research through reading or watching something and then an activity to go with the new information you have learned. Today’s challenge is a little introduction to technology.

We have seen lots of examples of you working through the activities on your learning grid which is great. Remember that Education City is also available to supplement Maths and Literacy too. Should you need a reminder of your password, please do not hesitate to message Mr Woodward and I. We will be happy to pass it on.

As you all are aware, we have our Rights Respecting Schools Article 24 as a focus for this week also. The theme with this is Health, water, food and the environment share using: #RRSA on Twitter, or share it on the RRSA Facebook community page.

West Lothian would also like to keep up to date with all of the amazing Health work we are doing, whether it be daily exercise, obstacle courses in the garden, baking and cooking or hand-washing to name a few. They would love to encourage you to share your work with them also following @WLHWBchamps on twitter and use the hashtag #WLHWBathome whenever you are doing anything HWB related.

Here is a little Friday Mental Maths. Time yourself to see how speedily and accurately you can solve the questions. You can choose which one you wish to do, or indeed, try both! Answers will be posted later today.







Also – don’t forget that today is a Friday, therefore, you have definitely earned your 30 minutes of free time today.

Have a great weekend,

Miss Smith and Mr Woodward.

Primary 2 24.4.20


Another week of home learning nearly complete. Well done to you all and a huge well done to all the Mummy’s and Daddy’s at home helping support your learning. You are all doing an amazing job!

We hope you have managed to access the learning grids and completed half of the jobs on there. Remember you will use this learning grid for next week too. It has been great to have your feedback on the blog and through Learning Journals. Some of you have made a great start and it’s been lovely seeing all the photographs of your hard work.

On Friday we normally do a spelling test with your phonics words, so why don’t you get an adult or older sibling to test you on your spelling words to see if you can get full marks. Then challenge yourself to write a sentence (that makes sense) with as many spelling words as you can. Good luck!

BBC Bitesize have been posting 3 lessons a day. Today, one of their lessons is about friendship/how to be a good friend. Why don’t you have a go at watching the short clips and completing some of the activities. It is a great way to remember our friends as I’m sure some of you are missing each other.

On a Friday we have free time……..I trust that you all have your full 30 minutes so make sure you have some down time and play with some of your own toys.  Remember we all have the right to PLAY! You could post some pictures of you playing in Learning Journals- this would be great evidence for our RRSA.

We hope you all have a lovely weekend, stay safe and hopefully be able to get out and enjoy the sunshine.

Miss Rafferty and Miss Pringle

Primary 1’s learning this week

Good afternoon!
Here are some more pictures of the super work Primary 1 have been up to over the past few days.

We are so impressed by the dragon pictures you have drawn, what talented artists we have in P1!

We are also pleased to see so many of you completing activities from the Rights Respecting Schools Award. It is great to see you are all keeping healthy!

You have also been busy completing the learning grids. We are impressed with the progress all the boys and girls are making, but here are a few highlights…

Primary 1 22.4.20

Good morning Primary 1s. It’s another lovely sunny day today and I hope you are managing to get outside to make the most of this sunshine. I am noticing lots of signs on spring during my daily exercise. I have seen blossom forming on trees, baby lambs bouncing in the fields and some warmer weather showing us that summer is on its way.

What have you seen as you go out and about?
We hope that you managed to read or listen to the story of the Enormous Turnip yesterday. Has anyone managed to make the vegetable soup from the learning grid? I love in the story that everyone worked together to help pull the turnip out. What examples of people working together have you seen in the past week? Maybe you and your family worked as a team to complete a jigsaw puzzle, or have you been out in the garden working together to grow some flowers or food?
Today, if you have time, we would like you to take part in a drama activity. Click on the link and follow the instructions as you pretend to be different characters in the story.

As a school we are currently working towards re-accreditation of our Gold Rights Respecting Schools Award. UNICEF have created some activities that can be completed at home to continue the work we would have been doing in class. These activities give the children an opportunity to learn about their rights and think through how they access them.
This week we are looking at Article 24, the right to health care. Can you complete any of these activities over the coming days and post your work in the Learning Journals? You can also post your work with the hashtag #RRSA on Twitter, or share it on the RRSA Facebook page.

The link for the coronavirus book is here (Coronavirus book). It is a super book, explaining the current situation in a way that is appropriate for children.

We hope that you all have a wonderful day.
As always, if we can be of any assistance please get in contact.
The Primary 1 teachers

Primary 3 Tuesday 21st April 2020

It was lovely to hear from so many of you yesterday, and great to see how keen you all are to get back to work!

Each week we are going to make a Rights Respecting Schools Article focus for you to ponder or do an activity about. Anything you do, please keep or send on, because as you all know, we are going for our reaccreditation of our Gold Rights Respecting Schools Award. You can also post your work with the hashtag #RRSA on Twitter, or share it on the RRSA facebook community page.

This week, we would like you to focus on Article 24. It seems very fitting

In case you can’t make this out activities include:

  • Draw or list people who can help us stay healthy and safe. Explain their job.
  • Make a list with words or pictures of as many kinds of exercise you can think of.
  • Set up an obstacle course and challenge someone in your house to have a go.
  • Read Coronavirus: A Book for Children and talk about what you are doing as a family to keep healthy during this time.

Spelling words for this week are as follows:
Here is the links to the documents. You can also access these in the files section of Teams.

Blue Spelling ie Week beg 20th April

Spelling Words Week Beginning Monday 20th April

Yellow Spelling o_e week beg 20th April

Maths for today is multiplication 2 digits by 1 digit. However – be careful as it involves numbers over 10. You must remember to carry. We looked at this in the week before schools were closed, therefore, if it is too difficult, please let us know. We can upload a video explaining how we do these types of sums to refresh us! Good luck!

If you can access Teams your Word Boost story for this week will be posted in Files -> Literacy -> Word Boost.

For your reading for today can you please read the first half of your reading books?  Your reading books were listed yesterday and here are the log ins to access them:

Mr Woodward’s class:

log in: Mr Woodward

password: Carmondean1           (the C must be a capital)

Miss Smith’s Class

log in: Miss Smith123

same password as Mr Woodward’s class

And your Number Talks for today:

7 x 5                                6 x 40

7 x 10                              10 x 40

7 x 9                                16 x 40

16 x 39

Challenge Sum

546 x 43

Miss Smith and Mr Woodward.