Primary 5 – 20.11.2020


A huge thank you to all in Primary 5 who helped to organise Children in Need this year. We managed to raise a massive £565.55! The winning duck of the Duck Race was Quackman and Bobbin, and the winner of each class received a bag of sweeties which were gratefully received.

In Maths the children took on the challenge of using protractors to measure angles. It was quite tricky getting used to the new piece of equipment but they all tried really hard.  In Coordinates, the learners were plotting points and naming the coordinates – using the correct brackets and commas format.

In Reading, the children are well into their routines of using their reciprocal reading cards and all are becoming confident in each of their reading roles; predictor, summarising, clarifying, questioner and Big Boss.

In a connected theme in writing this week, children were persuading ‘Aliendino’, a new arrival to planet Earth, ‘why reading is important’. We had some great discussions on how much reading can impact on our lives and were able to form some strong arguments.  The children were also looking ahead to why reading was important for when they go to high school and beyond!

In Science, the children’s Endangered Animals fact-files are coming along well. We are still continuing to find many interesting facts about our chosen animal and how we can help protect them from extinction.

This week in our Great Britain and Northern Ireland topic, the class have been continuing to work in their groups on their display posters. Many of the groups are finding creative ways to display their information and have produced some really great pieces of work. The children are very excited about their Landmark Challenge and we are hearing lots of stories about the creations in progress.

In RME, we have been learning about the patron saints of Great Britain and Northern Ireland over he past month. We have studied the lives of St David, St George and St Patrick and next week we will be studying our own St Andrew, just in time for St Andrews Day!

Both classes are continuing to learn how to greet in each other in Spanish. They are able to say ‘hola, and mi nombre es.. and adios’ – a quick translation ‘hello, my name is and goodbye! This week the children learned how to ask someone their name – ¿Como te llamas? and to informally introduce themselves ‘Me llamo’



  • In Numeracy, the children need to use their number bonds and their times tables on a regular basis and it would be very helpful if they could get some extra practice in. Please practice 2-10 times tables and number bonds to 100.
  • Homework on TEAMS this week is a spelling and numeracy activity. The children will also continue working on their Landmark Challenge at home, which is due in on Friday 27th
  • Some children were able to complete the activities online and some used their homework jotter. This jotter can be returned to school each week or they can take a picture of their work and upload that to the photo channel in their Team. Please just complete the activities at a time most convenient for you and your family.


  • PE- Tuesday and Thursday

Please ensure the children have the correct kit for going outdoors- trainers, trackies/joggers, t-shirt and fleece/hoodie. They can come to school wearing their PE kit but a school jumper must be worn during the day. They can then change into their outdoor jumper when we go outside.


  • The children have chosen a book to read for enjoyment in class and it would be appreciated if you could continue to encourage your child to read for enjoyment at home.

Have a lovely weekend.

Mrs Gilmour, Ms Munro, Mrs Muir and Miss Herd


Primary 5

P5 have been working on a variety of tasks this week.

In Topic each country group has presented their display to the class. They came up with some unusual facts to share with each other. Both Miss Morris and Mrs Gilmour are very impressed with the effort all the children put into this! You will have an opportunity to read these when you visit us on Parents’ night and on our open day in October.

In writing the children have started to investigate the persuasive genre. They are writing letters to persuade people to come to our open morning using persuasive language. Look out for these letters coming home soon.

On Wednesday both classes took part in a Multi-sport Festival at DCHS. This was a great success and the children enjoyed trying out a variety of sports and meeting new friends. They were able to learn new skills in basketball, football, hockey, team games and athletics. Well done everyone!

Over the past few weeks the children have been learning about patron saints in R&ME. This Thursday Miss Morris’ class learned about Scotland’s patron saint, Saint Andrew, whilst Mrs Gilmour’s class looked at Saint David, who is the patron saint of Wales. We have all really enjoyed learning about the different traditions each country in the UK has when celebrating these religious figures.


Outdoor PE- Monday.

Indoor PE-Thursday.

Starting Monday 30th September Mrs Gilmour’s class will have a block of Futsal. This will take place indoors and will replace outdoor PE. Miss Morris’ class will continue working outdoors on a Monday.


Landmark challenge- due Friday 27th September. Thank you to everyone who has handed this in so far! They are absolutely fantastic!

Numeracy –due Thursday 3rd October

Spelling- due every Friday. Please remember to do Look, Cover, Write, check and a sentence for each word.

Thank you for your continued support.

Have a good weekend

Mrs Gilmour, Miss Morris, Mr Shanks and Mrs Muir