Primary 2 3.5.21

Primary 2 have been learning lots about Inuit people and how they survive the Arctic weather. We have been learning about their diet, clothing and how they travel. We even learned that they do something called throat singing!

We have assigned a homework grid for this week and the children will come home with a reading book. We will collect the book in on Monday to give the children enough time to practise their reading.

We have been working hard on our division skills. We have learned how to divide by 2 and 10 and this week we will be learning how to divide by 5. The children have been using concrete materials, looking for patterns and using their times table knowledge to help them.

In health we have been talking lots about our emotions and feelings. The children share how they feel each day and are able to explain why they feel a particular way. We have been learning that our feelings can change depending on what might be happening that day or week. We are also using the Wellbeing Wednesday resources which the children are really enjoying. (We get to meet a new wellbeing monster every week!)

P.E days will continue to be on Tuesday and Thursday (Outside) We are finishing our tennis lessons and moving onto more team and relay races. We hope we can put our skills to good use soon.


Miss Rafferty, Miss Pringle and Mrs Oliver

Primary 2 29.1.19

Primary 2 have been learning about Inuits. The children have found out how they survive so well in the Arctic. The children have learned that they hunt, wear animals skins to keep warm, build igloos on hunting trips and they live in small villages in wooden/metal homes. We have now started to learn about what animals live in the arctic and why some of them rely on camouflage to survive. We are going to be investigating food chains to find out who is at the top!

In maths we have been using our addition and subtraction skills to solve missing addend and missing minuend questions. We have also started learning about money and what coins we use. Children also have a money homework task in their share it jotters.

In reading we have been looking at characterisation. The children have been identifying adjectives to describe what the character looks like and their personality. Last week we looked at a bad character and this week we are going to be looking at a good character. Children have also been reading aloud in class and trying really hard to add expression to their voices.

P.E reminders outdoor P.E is Tuesday (P2R) Thursday (P2M) and both classes have Mrs Ferguson for indoor P.E on a Wednesday.

P2M also have assembly words to learn.

Miss Rafferty & Mrs Muir