Grant Application for Cycle and Scooter Parking at School

Our Parent Staff Association has kindly agreed to fund match a Parent Council initiative involving a grant application for Cycle and Scooter Parking facilities at Carmondean Primary School. The Sustrans movement offers grants for this purpose and an application for parking facilities worth £2000 has been made. This means that our PSA will have to fund match half of that sum (£1000) which they have readily agreed to do. We are hopeful that our application will be successful and we will be able to encourage more children to ride bikes and scooters to school safe in the knowledge that they will be able to park them securely.

Numeracy and Mathematics Learning Together Sessions

The National Parent Forum of Scotland has been running ‘Learning Together’ sessions on Numeracy and Mathematics concepts to help with parents and children learning at home.  If you have missed these sessions and are interested in seeing what they are about, each session has been posted to the Forum’s YouTube channel, which is here:

Why not check it out?

Views on Parking Sought

The Parent Council is trying to find out people’s views on parking around the school and the difficulties it causes. If you have a comment about parking, please go to the Parent Council Tab on the Blog home page, scroll to the bottom, where you’ll find the ‘Reply’ box. Type your comment there and it will be added to the conversation. Please make your views known, as this is a thorny issue.