Views on Parking Sought

The Parent Council is trying to find out people’s views on parking around the school and the difficulties it causes. If you have a comment about parking, please go to the Parent Council Tab on the Blog home page, scroll to the bottom, where you’ll find the ‘Reply’ box. Type your comment there and it will be added to the conversation. Please make your views known, as this is a thorny issue.

2 thoughts on “Views on Parking Sought”

  1. Thank you Angela for taking the time to respond to the post and I agree with your comment.

    The KEEP CLEAR area is intended for safe turning and to allow for emergency service vehicle access to the school playground via the top gate.

    Parking is an issue in all areas around the School which is going to become more difficult when the School Extension construction starts. We need parents to show consideration and respect when parking or dropping off kids.

    The Community Police officer has already been in contact expressing concern at the continued parking issues.

    Thanks again and the PC will be launching an initiative to ask for parent cooperation.

  2. I mostly walk to school now that we have a dog however, on a Wednesday I have to bring the car as Jack goes straight to swimming from school. I park in he church car park but notice that a lot of parents park in the areas that say KEEP CLEAR???? and they park on the road outside peoples houses. This is just laziness as the church car park is just a short walk away ?

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