P2 – 20.04.20

Hi Primary 2,
We hope you all had a lovely holiday. The weather was nice most of the time and meant that we could get out and about. Miss Rafferty did lots of walking and running with her mum’s dog Storm, Miss Pringle took her dog Dave on some long walks and Mrs Oliver spent time outdoors with Aaron and celebrated her special birthday! All 3 of us ate lots of Easter eggs too! We would love to hear what you have been doing. Please put photos on your Learning Journal or comment below to let us know what you did over the fortnight.
If you click on your groups link below you will see learning grids for the next fortnight. Please do one literacy, one numeracy and one learning across the curriculum activity each day. You may choose to adapt these and we love to see your creative activity ideas!
Joe Wicks is still doing his 9am workout on YouTube. You can find his channel on YouTube – The Body Coach TV.
We are planning to learn about animals in hot and cold countries this term. Edinburgh Zoo have live cameras in with the pandas, penguins, tigers and koalas. You can watch them at https://www.edinburghzoo.org.uk/webcams – let us know what you see!
We hope you are all keeping well and are remembering to continue to wash your hands regularly. We look forward to seeing your photos on your Learning Journals.
Miss Rafferty and Miss Pringle

4 thoughts on “P2 – 20.04.20”

  1. Lovely to hear from you Lorena! Sounds like you had a super Easter break and kept busy.
    We have uploaded your new task grid for the next two weeks. Work through these and mark them off once you have completed them. That’s great that you have extra workbooks at home to keep you busy and learning. Take a look at BBC Bitesize website and select Primary 2- there are some super lessons on there for you to do.
    I think that’s great you have been able to go for a walk and see the swans. They are such beautiful animals!
    Have a good day Lorena, Miss Rafferty x

  2. Good morning, Miss Rafferty! How was your Easter holiday? Mine was great, I’ve spent a lot of time in the garden with mummy and Charley the cat. I helped mummy bake and decorate a yummy chocolate cake for Easter, it was so much fun! I also rode my bike in the garden and did loads of dancing too! I’ve been on Education City couple times to practice some maths and did some reading too, mummy bought me some nice books again! She said she will put pictures on Learning Journal. Every Thursday we’ve been clapping for the NHS, it was so exciting to hear all the claps in our neighborhood! I also saw the pink moon one night, that was fun too! Today we are going for a safe walk in the park to see the swans, I hope they are there! Talk to you tomorrow, miss you and my friends, I hope everyone is OK! Lots of hugs! x

  3. Good morning Harris! Lovely to hear from you. Sounds like you had a super Easter break, keeping busy and staying active!
    The weather has been great which has allowed me to sort out my garden too. I hope you and your family enjoyed your bbq yesterday.
    Well done for getting started with learning activities- remember if you have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask.
    I have been on the BBC bitesize website this morning and it is a great resource to help you learn with 3 activities being posted each day.
    Enjoy your Monday Harris! Speak tomorrow, Miss Rafferty

  4. Morning Miss Rafferty, I hope you had a lovely holiday. The weather has been so nice. I have helped mummy paint the garden fence, helped daddy rake all the moss off the grass, water the new grass seed in, and helped sweep the sand into the driveway after mummy and daddy cleaned it. We have been for lots of long walks with Buster, and I have played golf and football in the garden. I have beaten mummy at kerbie a few times too. We had a bbq yesterday as it was so sunny. I have done some french work from my activity book this morning and my spiral spelling. I will talk to you tomorrow. Love Harris x

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