Primary 3

It’s beginning to look a bit like Christmas in Primary 3. We have made a start to our nativity alongside P2 and for a first go through the pupils did well. They sang with enthusiasm and have begun to learn their lines and once we get really stuck into rehearsals I know it will be a show to remember. We have also began to make Christmas decorations and if the mountain of glitter is anything to go by there are sure to add a great deal of sparkle to the hall.

In our inclusion topic we have been learning about the eyes and ears and had some interesting discussions about how they work and what might happen if they didn’t work properly. We also had a first-hand experience of how the pupils work and they can now show you what happens in light and dark. We also included inclusion into our writing this week as we wrote first draft letters to Jak’s Den to try and find out a little bit more about what they do. Suffice to say we have had some great questions and some very well written letters.

In our maths we have continued our focus on money and division and the pupils have been getting to grips with dividing by 2 and 4. What has been great to see is that although pupils are finding it tricky they have been showing fantastic resilience and they have been putting in a good deal of effort to keep trying.

It was also great to see a good turnout for our Read, Write, Count session this week and hopefully the resources will be enjoyable to explore.

P3W pupils also completed their Weather Masks this week and had a parade around the school to show off their beautiful masks.


Christmas Fair next Friday between 6pm and 8pm

Homework Due in Monday – Please ensure all reading books are brought back as they are used for other classes in the school.

Indoor PE:

Miss Smith                          Thursday

Mr Woodward                   Wednesday

Outdoor PE:

Miss Smith                          Tuesday

Mr Woodward                    Thursday

Thanks for your continuing support,

Miss Smith and Mr Woodward

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