Primary 7 01.11.19

This week some of our primary 7’s took part in the ‘Creation Station’. Here is what they have to share:

On Tuesday 15 of us went to the art room for a robotics workshop. everyone wrote their names on a piece of sticky paper. Then we decorated a paper cup and put three pens on the cups with tape. Next we put a battery with wires on the top of the cup to make it vibrate. It was then motorised so when we attached a wooden peg on to the battery, the robotic model started to move. We had already taken the three lids off the pens, enabling the pens to move across the paper and form a colourful picture. We had a great time and were excited to share our work with the rest of our class. Written by Ruiri, Jack, Reuben and Willow

In numeracy we have been using BODMAS to help us to answer complex sums which include brackets, square numbers, addition, subtraction, multiplication and division! In maths we have been focusing on identifying and plotting coordinates.

In health we have been looking at the Eatwell plate and learning about each section. We had to become an expert in a certain section and teach each other about the foods, recommended portion sizes and nutrients found in these foods. Next week we will continue to focus on the Eatwell plate and use our knowledge to help us with our tasks!

For My Life So Far we planned our ‘school’ section. We noted down our teachers, topics and memories that we wish to include in our projects. Please continue to work on gathering information and working on your MLSF at home.

On Tuesday next week we will be embarking on our first Transition morning to Deans Community High School. We are looking forward to visiting different departments and taking part in a range of lessons! We will let you know how we get on next week!





Outdoor PE – Monday

Transition visit to DCHS – Tuesday

Indoor PE – Wednesday

Numeracy homework (Calculators) – due Wednesday

Spelling homework – due Friday

My Life So Far – ongoing


Thank you for your continued support,

Mrs Macaulay, Mrs Wylie & Mrs Muir

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