Primary 3

There was a shocking incident at the beginning of the week when Miss Smith’s hairdryer refused to work for her. She had to write a letter to persuade it to work again. Then all of Mr Woodward’s brown colouring pencils up and left the pencil tray. They were not happy at being underused and so have quit until further notice. The pupils wrote letters to try and coax them back but so far only a small few have returned. Primary 3 have been working hard on their persuasive writing so hopefully with enough persuasion the rest of the brown pencils will be convinced to return soon. There have been continuing reports of various items quitting on the children e.g. scarves.

We have begun our book study for this term which is ‘The Owl Who Was Afraid of the Dark’. So far we have looked at what makes an effective front cover and what are the vital elements of a front cover. We got some fantastic imaginings of what the front cover might look like before the big reveal of the actual front cover of the story.

Continuing on in our Inclusion topic we had a very practical session all about the five senses. In our listening circle activity we have some pupils who hear like bats, some fantastic listeners! They also had a go at trying to read Braille which was very tricky and there were some very creative translations. They were very brave in jumping in nose first into our smelling challenge, not holding back at all. While there were some nice smells, like mint and lavender, vinegar proved to be the worst smelling offender. Although there were a couple of pupils who decided the vinegar smelled like feet!

In line with our inclusion topic we were wondering if there are any of you that are involved in local charities that would like to come in and teach us about their charities and what kinds of things they do? Or if there is any more information that could be passed on to us about local charities and who to contact/ any leaflets/ etc that would be greatly appreciated! If so please get in touch with the office and they can pass info on to us.


Miss Smith                                                                                          Mr Woodward

Indoor PE Thursday                                                                         Indoor PE Wednesday

Outdoor PE Tuesday                                                                        Outdoor PE Thursday

Homework due 11th November for both


Miss Smith and Mr Woodward

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