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This week we have been building our Matisse gallery in class, replicating lots of different pieces of art to show off our artistic skills. The pupils have been working hard and have been showing off all of their creative skills, using a range of vibrant colours and techniques to create colourful and eye catching art that Matisse would have been proud of. The range of Icarus’s, Sky’s, Sea’s and Gerbe’s were great, with pupils able to put their own creativity into replicating the artwork.
We also had a Paralympic sports afternoon, taking advantage of the good weather to find out what it might be like if we had to cope with physical impairments. The pupils ran blindfolded (with guides), hopped the long jump and high jump and threw discus and shotput with one arm and showed off not only their sporting ability but their ability to adapt to difficult circumstances. Everyone coped very well and we had a great discussion afterwards about inclusion and how difficult it was to be impaired even just for an afternoon.
Continuing on with our work in the nursery, pupils have completed Buddy Booklets to give to their buddies which will hopefully be treasured and make life a lot easier during the transition from nursery to P1. We also had a practice working with the buddies for their sports day and the P6s are very excited about helping with the full sports day next week, continuing to show their caring and encouraging sides to the buddies.
PE – Indoor Kit – Wednesdays
Outdoor Kit – Mondays
Homework –Spelling words will be given on Mondays with homework due on Fridays.
Maths Homework – Remember to hand in maths homework, different classes will designate a different day for homework and remember to keep focussing on times tables! Mrs Wylie’s class, your homework is due on Wednesday and Mr Woodward’s class your homework is due on Thursday.
Thank for your continued support.
Mr. Woodward, Mrs Wylie and Mr Shanks

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