Auchengillan p4 day 1

We have had a fantastic start to our day. We have been grass sledging, water walking, team building and go karting. It has been breezy and is now sunny.

The dorms are huge and amazing. We are all happy with the rooms.

Dinner was amazing. Everyone is speechless because the dinner was so good. The best bit was the chocolate cake and cream.

We are now on the grass playing games before we do our night activities. This is the view

We will let you know more details tomorrow!

Thanks for reading,

Amber, Rosie, Anya, Holly and Lilly


18 thoughts on “Auchengillan p4 day 1”

  1. Looks like your having a great time Melissa and can’t wait to see you today and hear alll about it! miss and love you loads from Helena 💖 xxx

  2. Look great – wish I’d had chocolate cake for dinner (can you sneak some back for Mrs Wotherspoon & I).

    Enjoy the rest of your activities – lots of stories to tell on Monday.

  3. Hi Jamie I’m sure your having a fantastic time, we’re all missing you and can’t wait to hear about your trip, love you lots mum xxx

  4. Hey Amber and Primary Four,
    Glad you have had a lovely first day. Thank you for the pictures and update. Hope everyone sleeps well and day two is just as much fun! See you soon, Mum and Dad xxx

  5. P4, it looks like you’ve had a fantastic day and thoroughly enjoyed your tea…the chocolate cake and cream sounds delicious 😋

    Enjoy tomorrow and can’t wait to hear all about it on Monday 😊

    Sleep well and enjoy tomorrow.

    Mrs King

  6. Aw wow!! Looks like you’s are all having a fab time!! Can’t wait to see more pics 😊 Kaedons missing you Callum!!
    Love and hugs Mum! ☺️xox

  7. Sounds like your all having a good time. Missing you Grace love mum xx

  8. Glad to see your having fun Guys hope you enjoy the rest of your time there. Anderson I hope you are enjoying everything especially the go Karting 😉 remember most important thing …….. is to have fun. See you soon Mum and dad xx

  9. Hi Rosie hope you are having lots of fun will speak to you soon lots of love Grandma & Grandad xx

  10. Looks like you’ve all being having a great time! I hope the laser tag in the forest is as much fun as you’d expected Raigan.
    Looking forward to hearing all about your adventures tomorrow xx

  11. Hello Jamie K it looks like you’re having an awesome time and I bet you loved the chocolate cake ! Have fun , can’t wait to hear all about it when you get back
    Love from
    Grandma x

  12. Looks like yous are having a great time Rosie We cant wait to hear all about it when you are home.
    Love mum, Craig and Ryan x

  13. Liam,

    It looks like your having lots of fun. We miss you and hope that you enjoy the rest of your stay.

    Love from:


  14. Hi Finlay (and the rest of p4 and teachers) Looks like you are having an amazing time!! Lovely view and the chocolate cake sounds delicious!!
    Enjoy the the rest of your evening.

  15. Max Maden, looks great fun, can’t wait to see more pictures and hear all about it tomorrow.

  16. So good to see you having fun Ross, hope you really enjoyed go karting i know how excited you have been about those. We all miss you lots and can’t wait to see you tomoro!! We wish we had chocolate cake after dinner hee hee lots of love and great big hugs from mum, dad, Joe, Katie and marley xxx

  17. So great to see your pics, looks amazing. Keep having great fun guys ! xxx

  18. Hope you all have a fab time tonight and tomorrow and the weather stays dry. The water walkers look great fun.

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