P1/2 week beginning 10.10.16

Primary 1/2 have had another busy week.

In maths we have been working on measure.  Primary 1 have been working on the language of measure including taller, shorter, wide and narrow.  Primary 2 have been working on measuring objects in the classroom using non-standard units.

We have been working on a class story about the Owl Who was Afraid of the Dark.  We have written our own imaginative stories and have painted pictures of him and will be learning some facts about real owls this week.

Primary 1 are continuing to work on initial sounds and are beginning to try blending these sounds together to spell 3 letter words.  Primary 2 are working on words with 4 sounds.  We have been working hard to read and spell words with some tricky sounds in the middle with real success.

We are looking forward to our parents visiting this week to see all the work we have been doing.


Have a lovely week.

Mrs Jamieson

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