Primary 3 12.9.16

Primary 3 have started their Weather Topic. We have been learning about the seasons, different types of weather and how the movement of the earth around the sun affects the seasons. The children have had lots of questions and we can’t wait to dive deeper into our topic.

In Maths we have been doing lots of mental addition, adding on multiples of 10 and finding different strategies to help us, using the 100 square. We have worked round maths stations, completed worksheets and even managed a textbook page!

Guided reading has started and the children are beginning to settle into the routine. We encourage reading every night and we will write new reading pages in the diaries on a Tuesday and Thursday.

We are handing out our first piece of big homework and it is due on Tuesday 27th September. Children are being asked to make a weather mobile that can be presented and then displayed in the class. Children need to display their knowledge of the 4 seasons and the different types of weather that might occur in that season. (HW sheet in HW folders)

Spelling to be completed every evening along with a sentence.

Maths to be handed in on Friday.


Miss Rafferty and Mrs Smith

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