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Sandwick – Out of School Club

Sandwick Junior High School provide:

Breakfast club 8.15 – 8.50am

After School Club 3.00 – 5.00pm

Holiday Club 9.00 – 4.00pm

‘Sandwick Out of School Club’s ethos is to provide a service for families in Sandwick for Primary school aged Children. Enabling children to have access to high quality play, care and learning opportunities which meet their individual needs, before and after school, and all day during school holidays, in a safe, caring environment.’

Sandwick Junior High School OOSC Handbook

Please see our Handbook for more information or email sandwick

Health and Wellbeing Census

Shetland Islands Council is planning to ask all pupils in P5 to S6 to take part in a survey about their health and wellbeing. The findings will help Shetland Islands Council to understand the needs, strengths and possible concerns of children and young people, which will help plan
future improvements to local services. Parents will receive a letter providing more detailed information about the Census, and the opportunity to let us know if they do not wish for their child to take part.  For more information please visit:

Child Trust Fund 16-19 year olds

Registered charity The Share Foundation, which works for the Department for Education (Children’s Services), is working hard to ensure that young people aged 16-19 are informed about their accounts, already open in their name; and that they know how to claim them from their account provider.

We’ve developed a special web search facility in conjunction with the account providers and HMRC, and we’ve produced three short videos specially designed for this age group which we can provide with a script for in-school presentations.

SJHS Sports Day Videos and PE Memories 2020 – 2021

Mrs Smith and Mr Kerr have created some wonderful videos and SWAY presentations for parents, carers and pupils to enjoy.  Happy viewing!

P7 Sports Day

P6 Sports Day

P5 Sports Day (P56)

P5 Sports Day (P45)

P4 Sports Day

P3 Sports Day

P2 Sports Day

P1Sports Day

SJHS PE Lockdown Memories
Go to this Sway

Password is SJHSsports2021

P45 Relaxing during Sports Day Events
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Password is SJHSp452021


P123 Sports Day & PE Memories
Go to this Sway


Password is SJHSp1232021





Pick-Up and Drop-Off at the school

For all parents/carers,

Following my letter to all parents and discussions at the Parent Council meeting this week I would like to share with you this message on behalf of the Parent Council and School.

We are also looking at possible longer term solutions to some of the issues around parking and safety at the main junction to the school. I would ask for your support with these new measures and contacting the PC with testimonials and possible solutions.



Stuart Clubb


“The Parent Council discussed child safety, at drop off/pick up time, at last night’s meeting.

The following points were raised: The PC will write to Helen Budge, SIC head of Education to bring our worries to the attention of the Local Authority.

The PC will work with the school to push for a long term solution to this ongoing problem, inviting the SIC Roads Dept, Sandwick Community Council & the Police to have input to find a solution.

The PC would be delighted to hear from any parent/guardian who has a testimonial regarding near misses between cars, bikes, walkers etc, please get in touch. This will strengthen our case for change.

The following suggestions came up at the meeting to assist in the short term:

  1. For those cars parking along the road, when arriving at the school, could all drivers please drive past the school, around the roundabout & park cars heading back out the school road. This hopefully will reduce congestion & increase safety
  2. Those drivers who park in the bus drop off area are reminded to reverse park so they do not have to reverse on to the main road when departing.
  3. Please exercise extra caution when approaching & departing the junction between school road & the main East/West Sandwick road, this tends to be a bottle neck when bairns are crossing from one pavement to the next.
  4. Please be very careful of bairns trying to cross the road who are arriving from across the field at Houlland
  5. All drivers are reminded that the Sandwick JHS is in a “Twenty is plenty” 20mph zone during drop off & pick up times.

The PC can be contacted on our Facebook Page, or via email

Thanks very much.”



South Mainland Virtual Sports Day

I hope you are all getting excited about our annual sports day? Please click on the GREEN – South Mainland Virtual Sports Day. There is nothing to stop us from enjoying this annual event. We can do this. The  focus will be on FUN and involving as many of the FAMILY as possible.

All we need is:-

1 A fine day  (picked by the children)

2 An organiser (children’s responsibility);

3  Equipment (children’s responsibility);

4 Picnic Food (children’s responsibility)

5 Music (picked and set up by the children)

The Powerpoint Presentation in GREEN above, shows your children how to host their own sports day so that you, the adults, can sit back and watch them and RELAX. After they have finished their 10 selected events, the children then prepare a PICNIC for you and them to ENJOY whilst relaxing music is playing in the back ground. It’s not finished yet, then children organise an obstacle course for anybody to join in safely. Adapt the course for different ages and abilites and strengths. Last of all, the children CREATE their own race / event and adapt it so everyone can join in, adapting it where necessary.

There will be a certificate for all who took part including family. There will be certificates for the funniest  photos, happiest group, best obstacle course, best event created and BEST PICNIC. Please send to me on

Guess who has to tidy up? Yes you are right, the children have to tidy up the equipment and the picnic. There is one last important part to be done:-

Fill in the SCORE SHEET and the REFLECTION SHEET in your child’s Class Notebook in the HWB pupil section in TEAMS.

I am looking forward to seeing and hearing all about the sports days that took place and the memories created.

Thank you for reading this, Mrs Joan Smith PE Teacher

Reflections Week

Please find our offer of Health and Wellbeing activities during Reflections Week.
The focus for this week would be for families to turn off Glow and concentrate on exploring outside, spending time together and looking after everyone’s wellbeing.  This is a very challenging time and we would like to reduce the pressure on our families. 


Please record your week with photographs and send them to or tag us on Twitter at @SandwickJHS with the #ReflectionsWeek.  We will create a video illustrating all of the wonderful things you have done over the course of the week. 
Reflections Week 2020