P1 Transition


Welcome to your transition page.  Unfortunately due to COVID we cannot have our usual transition from Nursery to Primary 1.  To help with this I will share information and videos that have been made to hopefully ease transition and any anxieties and worries you may have.

Below are videos that you can share with your child and watch frequently to familiarise yourselves before starting in Summer

https://youtu.be/1WB-dusSrPg this video gives you a tour

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EcouqRHwVFM this video allows you to get to know your teachers, what the classroom looks like and how it works

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dffmCGj9SCg this is a video from our current pupils in our classroom saying why they like learning through play with us.

A paper copy of an information booklet has been sent home which has information in it for both you and your child.  In it there is an ‘all about me’ booklet for your child to complete, a space for you to draw/write about what you did in the summer, getting ready for school checklist, transition info booklet – getting to know your class, information sheets for parents to help with reading, writing, HWB  + maths & finally an information sheet from SIC about supporting the transition.  We hope you find this helpful.


  • On Thursday 20thMay, Mrs Bray will spend the day in EYD setting to get to know the pupils well.  On that day Mrs McClelland will be working in P1/2 to free up Mrs Bray.


  • There will be a ‘move up’ day on Thursday 10thJune with both Mrs Bray + Mrs McClelland where all of our new P1’s will spend the whole day in the classroom.  That evening, via Vscene (details to follow) there will be an online meeting with both teachers and parents from 7.00pm – 7.30pm.


  • We are delighted to have set up a buddy system with our current P3’s.  Again, they aren’t allowed to cross bubbles, but the P3’s will write a letter to your child which will be posted from the school office to your home (this will include a photo and some details about that child to help them get to know them better).  Once you receive the letter please look over it with your child and if you are happy to you can help your child to reply.  Please bring the replies to Nursery with you so we can pass this on after they’ve been quarantined.  If you are unable to reply from home please let us know and we can do so in Nursery.  We hope that this will be a useful platform for your child to ask questions they may have about school as well as building a relationship with an older peer who will be there to support them in years to come.


  • Finally we are going to have the story ‘Wonkey Donkey’ as a transitional story.  It will be read in the Nursery, activities will take place to do with this story and then it will be revisited by Mrs Bray + Mrs McClelland.