We have long recognised the importance of a school that puts health and wellbeing, relationship building and supporting young people as individuals at the forefront of learning.   In January 2017 we started a 2 year journey towards becoming an accredited nurturing school.  The following information, taken from, explains the vast benefits of becoming a nurturing school.

“What is a nurturing school?

A nurturing school is a place where pupils benefit from an approach that supports children and young people with their specific needs, while delivering teaching and learning in a way that all can access. The pupil is at the heart of the school focus and their learning is understood developmentally.

Parents benefit by being involved and welcomed in the school, in seeing the improvement in their childrens’ learning, behaviour, confidence and attendance, with a better outcome for their children both in and out of the school and classroom.

Teachers benefit from having an opportunity to focus on their pupils’ individuality whilst ensuring the best social, emotional and academic outcome. Teachers will also enable a culture where every stakeholder’s voice counts.

Schools benefit from showing their commitment to developing an ethos and culture that is inclusive, supports everyone in and associated with the school.

Communities benefit from having a school that wants to be at the heart of the community and demonstrates its central role in children and young people’s lives.”

We are continuing to work hard in promoting and following the 6 Principles of Nurutre across the life and ethos of the school, through staff development, nurture activities in school, and in welcoming our school community in for events, such as nurture week.  We hope that this continued work will embed these principles in all that we do.


Nurture Group Network UK

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