Teacher – Mrs J Smith

I will update the content here for you to try physical activities at home.

Here are 4 activities for you to try:

1 -Here is Joe Wicks PE session 1 from this morning. It lasts 30 minutes. He is on every day at 9am Monday to Friday 😊 Just heard 1,000,000 joined in this morning! Wowee.

2 I have added the SEVENSIES attachment above which I sent out last week.


I have made up a new task and attached it above – RACE TO 100! Pupils could use a Snakes and Ladder board instead of printing it off or even better, make their own board 1 to 100.

Race to 100



A good 4 minute burst of exercise to split up the pupils busy day, allowing them to get rid of any excess energy with a welcome break. Hopefully they will be refreshed and focused for the next task ahead of them.

20 May 2020

Hello from Mrs Smith

I know that you are all doing an excellent job keeping fit and healthy and I am blown away with the number of different types of activities you have been doing from:-

A- working with the lambing, B-walking with the family, C-cycling, D-Joe Wicks, E- dancing, F- trampolining, G-football, H- go-kart, I- swingball, J-rollerskating, K-scootering, L-yoga, M-zumba, N-fortnite moves, O-ballet, P-cosmic yoga, Q-badminton, R- running, S- stepping stones at the beach and T- table tennis and many many more activities.

This is truly amazing. I want you to have the option for PE of doing one of the above activities and write which letter or letters you completed through the week in the post in Teams or below. Add activity if I haven’t got it written above. This is you finished your PE for the week.

However only if you want to, only if you have time and only if you are not stressed out with other commitments, I am going to offer 3 further options for you to choose from. This will now be posted in Teams in the PE channel on a Friday instead of a Monday. This way you can organise your week in advance. Remember there is no pressure to complete any of this. You decide which level you want to try from

Easy, Medium or More difficult. No-one will know which one you select as all the forms are private and so are your answers. (If you pick the wrong level, feel free to try another more suitable level.) I have a few quizzes made up for the older pupils. Let me know if you would like to try one.

Again I can’t quite explain how amazed I am at how many activities you are doing already. Keep up the good work and thank you for popping in to say hello. Have a super weekend.

Mrs J Smith PE Teacher