Parent Council

Welcome to the Sandwick Junior High School Parent Council page.

A Parent Council is a group of parents that represent all the parents at a school. Any parent with a child at the school can volunteer to become a member of the Parent Council. Parents can be members of the Parent Council for as long as they choose. Parent Councils can invite members of the local community and school staff to join their Parent Council and Elected Members are also invited to attend meetings. The Parent Council operates very flexibly and generally has a chair, vice-chair and treasurer which are chosen from amongst its members.

The role of a Parent Council is to:

  • Support the school in its work with parents
  • Represent the views of all parents
  • Promote contact between the school, parents, pupils, providers of nursery education and the wider local community
  • Report to the Parent Forum (all parents) at least annually
  • Fundraise


At Sandwick Junior High School we usually meet once every term so it is not a huge commitment to join the Parent Council if you wish to. If you are not keen to become a member you might have supported us in different ways by coming along to some of our Parent Council fundraisers – we’ve played Valentines Bingo, had summer fetes, beach clean-ups and so on. We use the money we fundraise to support pupils and staff at the school with items that would be classed as over and above the remit of the school budget, e.g. leavers folders and small gifts, primary Christmas books, recovering the snooker tables.


The current membership of the Parent Council is:

  • Hilary Burgess, Chair
  • Claire Smith, vice-chair
  • Debbie Jamieson, Treasurer
  • Alice Adamson (primary teacher)
  • Stephanie Bain
  • Neil Fenwick
  • Emily Garrick
  • Karen Hall
  • Carolyn Hand
  • Fiona Henderson
  • Gordon Irvine (secondary teacher)
  • Vaila Irvine
  • Emily Jamieson
  • Steven Jamieson
  • Lyndsey Joyce
  • Katie Leask
  • Gemma Macgregor
  • Claudia Saunders
  • Karen Shelmerdine
  • Linda Tait
  • Jenny Welsh
  • Sian Wild
  • Norma Wishart
  • Karen Wood
  • Peter Wood


If you would like more information about how the Parent Council works, or if you would like one of the members to raise an issue on your behalf, please do not hesitate to get in touch. You can do this through face to face contact at the school, through Facebook messaging on our Parent Council page:

or by emailing our inbox at:

For more information about Parent Councils you can check out the national resources at: