Career Management Skills

Career Management Skills

We all want our young people to be effective lifelong career planners and by working closely with the school, we aim to develop pupils career management skills. This will help them make informed and confident decisions about their future.


Selfknowing who you are – how people can understand and reflect on who they are and what they can do, knowing what’s right for them, reflecting on life, work and learning and thinking about their likes/ dislikes, interests and motivations.

Strengthsknowing what you are good at – relates to the understanding of skills, knowledge and experience, with pupils reflecting on what they are good at, considering transferable skills and evidencing strengths through examples.

Horizonsknowing what is out there – where individuals think about the options and routes available after school and in the long term throughout their lives, how to make decisions and access opportunities in employment, education and training.

Networksknowing who can help you – understanding who can help, who people can source advice from, who can help with decisions – such as teachers, pupil support, career advisers, employers, training providers, representatives from colleges/universities, family, friends and other contacts.