Business, Computing and ICT


Ms. S Inkster

Welcome to Business, Computing and ICT

S1 & S2 ICT

Pupils in S1 and S2 will have ICT for 1 period a week. In this time pupils will follow a broad general education involving elements from the Technologies and Social Studies CFE experiences and outcomes. Over the 2 years we will develop: our digital literacy skills using a variety of software applications; develop our programming/coding skills; we will look at technological developments in society and business; how to budget; how businesses satisfy needs; the functions of business; ethical implication of business. At the end of S2 learners will make choices for deeper learning in their preferred subjects.

S3 Choices

Business, Administration & IT

This course will continue to develop CFE experiences and Outcomes to level 4 in both Technologies and Social Studies.   It will also prepare pupils who may wish to take Business Management OR Administration & IT in S4.

We will learn about the business world, how it functions, the technology it employs and the processes carried out in business. Core ICT skills are developed with a range of software applications including spreadsheet, word processing, databases, presentation and communication. Whether aspiring to Marketing Director or Administration Assistant, the courses offered are designed to develop core employability skills as well as spark creativity, build confidence and encourage an enterprising attitude.


Computer Science

The S3 Computing Course continues to develop CfE Experiences and Outcomes to level 4, but also prepares pupils who may continue with Computing Science in S4.

Topics covered in S3 are: Computer Hardware, Networks & Security, Environment, Programming in Python, Creating Databases and Building Webpages.

S4 Choices

N4/N5 Administration & IT




N4/N5 Business Management


Skills-based, Admin &IT will equip pupils with skills that can be applied directly in the workplace and give opportunities in the growing administrative sector. The course focuses on 2 areas:

1.       Develop an understanding of administration theory in the workplace.

2.       Develop IT skills and use them to perform a range of administrative tasks.

Business is at the core of today’s world. This course aims to develop pupils’ knowledge and skills to enable them to make a positive contribution to Scotland’s economic prosperity. Pupils will learn about the business environment, develop their enterprise skills and gain an understanding of the key functions of Marketing, Operations, Human Resources, Finance and Technology.   Research and presentation skills are key outcomes of this course.