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Mr. Y Harpe

Welcome to Modern Languages

In this day of increased communication, international trade and business and movement of population, it is now more than ever vitally important to know a modern foreign language. It is said that 53% of Europeans are fluent in at least two languages and that 75% of the world’s population does not speak English at all. French is set to be Europe most spoken languages in the next few years and by 2050, 700 million people will speak it in the world. As for Spanish, no travel throughout Latin America (and large parts of the USA) can be as authentic without some attempt at speaking Spanish.

Sandwick Junior High School lets pupils choose in S1 whether they would like to study Spanish or French.

Both languages are taught until S3 and pupils can choose to sit National 4 or 5 in S4. We have always had excellent success rate at Nationals and a large number of Sandwick pupils have carried on studying a modern language at Higher and Advanced Higher level in Anderson.

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