Hospitality: Practical Cookery


Mr. R Smith

Welcome to Hospitality

This course will be run by experienced staff from the Shetland College and will be carried out over 4×50 minute periods per week.


The Course aims to enable learners to:

  • Proficiently use a range of cookery skills, food preparation techniques and cookery processes when following recipes;
  • Select and use ingredients to produce and garnish or decorate dishes;
  • Develop an understanding of the characteristics of ingredients and an awareness of their sustainability;
  • Develop an understanding of current dietary advice relating to the use of ingredients;
  • Plan and produce meals and present them appropriately;
  • Work safely and hygienically Learning Experiences:
  • By the end of S4, pupils will have completed a wide range of outcomes in the following broad areas:
  • Cookery Skills: Processes and Techniques
  • Organisational Skills for Cooking

How will you be assessed?

  • For N4 all Units are internally assessed against the requirements shown in the Unit Specification. They can be assessed on a Unit-by-Unit basis or by combined assessment.
  • There will be a practical assessment with some written work in January. They will be assessed on a pass/fail basis within centres.
  • For N5 there will be no internal unit assessment. The award comprises of a 1 hour written exam plus a 2 ½ hour practical exam assessed by your teacher which will include a written time plan to be marked by the SQA


What can you gain from choosing this subject?

These Units is designed for those who are interested in food and cooking and who enjoy being creative with food. Learners who have chosen to follow them may wish to utilise their cookery knowledge and skills at home, in the wider community or, ultimately, in the hospitality industry.

Learners will develop a range of both generic and practical cookery skills, including food preparation techniques and the ability to follow cookery processes; the ability to choose, weigh and measure ingredients and calculate proportions, calculate the cost of ingredients and portions; and the ability to follow recipes to produce dishes, and to evaluate the product.

Learners will also develop the ability to plan and produce meals and to present them appropriately; the ability to work safely and hygienically; and planning, organisational and time management skills in the cookery context.

The Units will support learners’ personal and social development and will serve them very well in their everyday lives, as well as preparing them for further training and employment in a wide range of hospitality-related areas.

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