Primary 2/3

The class teacher is Mrs Karen Osborn

If you need to get in touch please contact me through my GLOW email:

For pupils who may require ASN support Mrs Richardson’s GLOW email is:

We will be available, within school hours, to answer any queries (if we can) and offer support during these strange times. I will also be adding activities and tasks for children to complete when they can.

However the main priority at the moment is for everyone to stay safe and keep well.


Good morning! ☀

Hope you are all well and able to get out into the sunshine at some point today!

As I understand, all P2/3 pupils should now have received their login details for the Primary 2/3 Microsoft Team. Primary 4 – 7 have been using this since schools were closed and now P1-3 will also be using it to set work and share their learning with myself and their classmates.

Some children have already logged on and are raring to go! Could I ask all pupils to have a go. Get logged on and leave a message to say Hi on the Team chat! I am excited to get going with it and hopefully be able to have more contact with you all!

Just to let you know, I am new to Teams too so will be finding my way with all of you! Some of you with older brothers or sisters will probably be able to give me advice about how to do things!

Zuzanna from the school library has also set up a Team where you can share what you are reading and Mrs Smith, the PE teacher has put and activity for you to have a go at. Mrs Smith will be putting up an activity every week on your PE day (Wednesday – in case you have forgotten! 😂).

So, have a look and if you have any problems just email me at the email address above. I might be able to help but if not I should be able to find someone who can!


Good morning! ☀

Literacy – reading

There is a super resource called Oxford Owls ( ). It contains lots of reading books for children, including Biff, Chip and Kipper Stories which are the ones we use in school.

If you click on the link above it should take you to this page:

Click on the class login tab (pink one at the top) and login using the details on the picture.

There are lots of books to choose from and, if you scroll down to the bottom of the page you will find the Biff, Chip and Kipper stories. Some books have activities to do and others have ideas at the end of the story for things to discuss or do related to the story.

Use these books as if they are the reading books you would normally get from school. Once a book is finished the child could complete a book report.


Practice number bonds to 10 or 20. Teach someone at home the game we play in class and get practicing those number bonds!

Times tables – teach someone at home the actions we used for the 2, 5 and 10 times table.


In these strange times it is easy to think about what we are missing but lets turn that around and think about the things we are grateful for. Make a list of three things you are grateful for and write why you are grateful for them. Draw a picture for each of the things on your list.


A little something we put together to welcome you all back!

Welcome back to Term 4! It has been the strangest holiday I have ever had!

Hope this finds you all well. We are going to be continuing to support parents on this blog at the moment so check in here regularly.


Something we had been speaking about in class was Da Peerie Ooricks. Today, the author, Ann Marie Anderson is doing a Story Time session on Facebook Live at 2pm. Find Peerie Oorick on Facebook to join her!

I was very excited to see Blair Drummond Safari Park are also going Live. Every day they will be telling us about a different animal, what they eat and lots of other interesting facts. There will be a quiz at the end so make sure you are listening! If it helps you could have a go at making some notes about what they are saying, these would be really useful when answering the questions!



I hope you have been enjoying the activities in the packs sent home. Please don’t worry if you have not completed all the tasks – just do what you can during this time. Home schooling is challenging and will take some getting used to for all of us!

There are a few online resources you may be aware of but I will post links here to help.

Literacy Ideas

The FaceBook group Counselling & PlayTherapy Shetland are doing storytime at 11am. This is aimed at preschool to P3 and is free. Caroline Leask is telling stories. So far they have been Mog stories, a childhood favourite of mine!

David Walliams is releasing a FREE audio story every day for the next 30 days.

World Book Online have just made their fabulous collection of over 3,000 ebooks and audiobooks available for free for children to access at home. They have books suitable for all ages. Click on the following link to access them.

TeachYourMonster is a free app I have used in the class. It a phonics and reading game.

Numeracy Ideas

As suggested in the pack, children can continue to access SumDog from home.

TopMarks is another good site with lots of games to help improve numeracy. The site also has a daily 10 game which we would do in class. There are 10 questions which the children get a set time to answer. They can then check their answers at the end.

Health and Wellbeing

Joe Wicks is currently doing a live PE session every morning at 9am. It can be found on YouTube, along with videos from previous PE sessions he has done.

Check back regularly and I will continue to update this blog.


Termly Update

Click on the link below to see the P2/3 termly update for Term 3.

Termly Update

Click on the link below to see the P2/3 termly update for Term 2.

Termly Update

Click on the link below to see the P2/3 termly update for Term 1.

Termly Update_term 1

Homework Grid

Click on the link below to see the P2/3 Homework Grid for Term 3

Homework Grid

Click on the link below to see the P2/3 Homework Grid for Term 2

Homework Grid

Click on the link below to see the P2/3 Homework Grid for Term 1

Homework Grid Term 1

Term 3

We are always learning and developing our skills in class. Today we had a go at problem solving while working in groups. We had a set of pictures of glasses and some clues setting out what order the glasses should be put in. We worked in a group to sort through all the clues. Next steps will look at developing our team working skills. We enjoyed the activity and are keen to do it again!

World Book Day 5th March

The whole Primary School took part in World Book Day on 5th March. Some of the class dressed up as characters from books and their was a writing competition organised by the Book Club with help from Zuzanna in the library. Here is the winner and two runners up from P2/3.

Class Assembly

P2/3 presented their class assembly on 28th February 2020. They used the assembly to share what they have been learning this term. We have been learning about healthy bodies.


In February the Early Years Department can to the class to give the class Hi-viz vests, kindly donated by SpecSavers, to help keep the children safe.

Thank you to SpecSavers from P2/3!


Science Experiment

As part of our Healthy Bodies topic this term we carried out a science experiment. We used glitter to represent germs to see how far and easily they spread. We also thought about the best way to get rid of germs! We then wrote a report about our experiment.


I put a picture on the interactive board in the morning, as the children came in. They had to write about the picture using their senses and adjectives. Here are some super examples!

Term 2

In November the children received their Read, Write, Count bags. The ReadWriteCount programme gifts bags to all Primary 2 and Primary 3 children in Scotland. The bags are provided by The Scottish Book Trust. It was not just the bags that came to the class!!

Term 1

Fun With Magnets

I set P2/3 a challenge! They had to get paperclips out of a cup using only a magnet.


This term P2/3 have been learning about shapes! Working in groups, they went Termly Updateoutside with each group looking for a specific shape. Here they are sharing what they found with the class.