Murder Mystery and Review of the Week

We had a very interesting start to Thursday morning this week. When we arrived at school we were shocked to see a scary message left in blood on our classroom windows. We also had a note to say we were going to be investigating a crime that had happened in our classrooms.

We used our inference reading skills to solve a murder and create a crime report to present to the rest of the class. We were very relieved to find out it had all been pretend and just a way for us to practise what we have been learning about in reading. Quite a few of us managed to correctly identify the victim, suspect, motive and weapon!

This week we also –

  • Learnt about the speed, distance, time formula
  • Listened to a piece of spooky music and created a response text about it
  • Had another session with Jen and Jen from Live n Learn
  • Thought about some of the physical and emotional changes during puberty
  • Explored Anthony Browne’s ‘Voices in the Park’ book
  • Learnt about reproduction in flowering and non-flowering plants
  • Set up an experiment to observe germination
  • Continued to learn about why we use algebra in maths and in real life
  1. What did you enjoy this week?

  2. Who was in your back up team this week?

  3. What tools from your Skipper toolkit did you use this week?

36 thoughts on “Murder Mystery and Review of the Week”

  1. 1. I loved doing the murder mystery thing.
    2. (Prefer not to answer).
    3. Kindness I think.

  2. 1. I enjoyed the muted mystery the most on Thursday. friends were in my backup team and Mrs brown because she gave me help when I needed it.

    3. I used take a moment this week for the murder mystery and talk things over.

  3. What did you enjoy this week?: the minder mystery

    Who was in your back up team this week?: my friends.

    What tools from your Skipper toolkit did you use this week?: I don’t think I used any

  4. 1. I enjoyed solving our murder mystery and growing our plants.
    2. I felt like my back up team was most of the class because we all worked together to solve the murder mystery.
    3. I used resilience this week because it was extremely cold and rainy one day and we still like to do PE on the field.

  5. 1. I enjoyed doing the murder mystery challenge.
    2. My murder mystery team.
    3. Get active when I’ve been in the MUGA.

  6. 1. I enjoyed the murder mystery.
    2. My murder mystery team when we did the murder mystery
    3. Get active

  7. 1) The Murder Mystery challenge it was a lot of fun I really enjoyed it. I would love to do it again.
    2) Mrs Brown, Frey, Rana, Sam, Holly, Rachael and Mrs Hope.
    3) Be Kind to others, have a goal and take a moment.

  8. 1 the murder mystery.
    2 my backup team was most of my closest friends.
    3 I used perseverance to try my best in maths.

  9. I really enjoyed the Murder Mystery task

    All my Friends were all in my backup team

    I used perseverance from my toolkit

  10. 1. This week I really enjoy doing the murder mystery
    2. This I tried quite hard in maths this week
    3. The people that are in my back up team is my friends and family my friends and family

  11. Murray
    1. I enjoy the murder mystery
    2. My Friends
    3. To get active and help people when needed

    1. I enjoy the murder mystery
    2. My backup team is Mrs Little
    3. be kind to others

    1. Murder mystery
    2. My friends
    3. Get active

    1) Murder mystery
    2) Mrs Little
    3) be kind to others

    1. The murder mystery
    2. My friends and sister
    3. Take a moment

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