P7 Review of the Week 23.4.21

It’s great to be back after the holidays! P7 have been enjoying being able to eat their packed lunched outside on the balcony or near the MUGA.

We’ve been straight back into learning with lots to keep us busy and engaged.  Here are a few of the things we’ve been up to this week:

  • Learning about Grit and Resilience in our Online session with Jen and Ian from Live’n’Learn
  • Identifying the features of a ‘Response’ Text
  • Exploring a visual text and looking for themes/hidden messages
  • An introduction to algebra and algebraic expressions and developing our ‘Maths Mindset’
  • Converting and Understanding 12 and 24 hour times
  • Learning correct terminology for parts of the body
  • Researching life cycles of various plants and animals

Which of Skipper’s Tools have you used this week?

Here is a quick reminder:

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